The Human Body

This movie is no longer playing at The Franklin Institute.

A day in the life of the human body: impulses in the brain clock in at 250mph; hairs in the ear, 1/10,000th the thickness of a strand of hair on our heads, quiver as they facilitate hearing; and a red blood cell races through 100 miles of veins, arteries, and capillaries.

Discover the story beneath the skin in The Human Body, an IMAX® film that is a dramatic combination of live action, computer-generated graphics, microscopy, the latest medical imaging, and cutting-edge cinematic techniques. The result is a film that helps us understand the biological changes experienced by a real family.

In astonishing detail, this large format film presents a look at the biological processes that go on without our control, and often without our notice. Throughout the film, we follow a family from dawn to dusk as they go about their daily routines. But this is no ordinary story. This is the tale of what takes place beneath the skin—a tale that allows us to see the extraordinary accomplishments of our everyday lives.

The film is co-produced by Discovery Pictures/BBC, in conjunction with the Maryland Science Center and the Science Museum, London.

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About Your Body...

+ Every 24 hours, the body grows another 40 yards of hair. A man sprouts one foot of hair on his face alone.
+ The human brain is by far the largest user of energy in the body. It consumes a whopping one-fifth of the energy produced by what we eat and drink.
+ The human body produces a half-pint of sweat in the course of a single day. In that same time, the body will create a pint of bile and almost two pints of saliva to help pass food through the body.