Traveling Science Shows for Preschool!

We now have special programs for preschool groups! Choose from these specially designed programs for ages 3 to 5, featuring song, dance, puppetry, and hands-on activities.

Water, Water, Water

Drip, sip and splash! Sing along with the fish, the bird, and tree, about how we all need water to live and grow. Then have some fun with drips and drops to discover how water likes to stick to you—and stick to itself!
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Stop That Ball

It's Captain Roll to the rescue! Bounce to the beat and roll with the rhythm while we learn about making things move. Then make a prediction and test the results—just like a scientist!
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Silly Shadow, Crazy Color

Mix it up! Help the groundhog find his shadow, then make your own with our special lights. Next, help the mice stir paint and explore a new and exciting way to combine colors!
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Build It Up!

Huff and puff! Can you blow the house down? Explore the story of the Three Little Pigs from a new point of view, and predict which building materials are the strongest. Then, work together to build some structures and test them with the mighty Wolf 3000!
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Preschool shows begin at $250. Travel fees and block booking adjustments apply.

Please note that preschool shows are designed for small groups. There is a maximum size of 30 students per preschool show. Pre-K shows are not available outside of the Philadelphia metro region.

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