2008 Franklin Institute Awards

2008 Laureates

Judea Pearl, receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science for advancing the world of artificial intelligence by allowing computers to uncover associations and connections within millions of data points.

Wallace Broecker receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Earth and Environmental Science for developing models of how the ocean circulates, how ocean affects climate change and how climate has changed throughout history.

Takeo Kanade receives the Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science in honor of a lifetime of ground-breaking contributions to robotics, which have contributed to numerous real-world applications including robotic vision, fully-realized 3-D virtual worlds from 2-D images and medical technology.

Deborah Jin receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics for pioneering a brand new field of study in physics and creating the first coherent gas of ultra-cold fermionic atoms.

Victor Ambros, Gary Ruvkun and David Baulcombe receive the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science for discovering the process of gene silencing.

Arun Phadke and James Thorp receive the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering for their contributions to microprocessor controllers in electric power systems that have significantly decreased the occurrence and duration of power blackouts.

Frederick Smith receives the Bower Award for Business Leadership for conceiving and establishing the concept of guaranteed overnight delivery, and founding FedEx.

Albert Eschenmoser receives the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry for his lifetime of research into the structures of a cell's nucleic acids, leading to the understanding of why RNA and DNA have the structure they do.

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