Exhibit Services

Kara Callahan

Category: Environment & Ecology
Keywords: Ecosystems, Conservation, Endangered Species, Animals
Cost: $15,000 (plus in-bound shipping) 3 month venue.
Size: 600 - 800 square-feet


Math is everywhere in Nature! Look around, the pattern of spots on your dog, the delicate symmetry of butterfly wings, the shape of crystals in salt are all evidence of
some of the mathematical properties of nature. “Nature’s Numbers” provides opportunities for play with math and nature. Divided into four themes, one is especially adapted for younger audiences. Repeating patterns explores patterns found in nature, such as plants or snowflakes. Basic shapes and structures offers infinite opportunities for children to discover and become familiar with shapes found in nature. From arches in rock formations to spirals in seashells, designs in nature relate nature specifically to math. And finally, by asking visitors to solve nature’s puzzles, we create a natural foundation for mathematical inquiry.

The graphically lush, tactile environment allows for handson discovery of the nature of math and of math as found in nature. The exhibit consists of modular units that offer a variety of installation arrangements to accommodate any space requirement. Optimal arrangement: 20 interactives in 4 groups of 5 and one freestanding kaleidoscope for younger children.