Exhibit Services

Kara Callahan

Category: Science and Technology
Keywords: Biology, Psychology, Neurology, Genetics, Thinking, Inquiry
5,000 sq. ft. = $120,000 plus inbound shipping ($40,000 deposit)
3,500 sq. ft. = $80,000 plus inbound shipping ($25,000 deposit)
3 month venue


“Identity: an Exhibition of You” challenges our notions of personal identity. The exhibit uses the familiar (our body, our thoughts, our relationships) to make connections with the scientific (our genes, our brains, our roles in society).

Your own identity is front and center while you learn about genetics and biological identity; cognitive science/psychology and personality; and social science and racial/ethnic identity. Look at your own fingerprints, see your personality as a musical spectrum, investigate where your brain stores your identity, map your social connections, and throughout the exhibition, see yourself from new perspectives: your future self, your symmetrical self, and yourself as a new gender or ethnicity.

Special Requirements: 13’ 0” Ceiling