The Train Factory

It's your turn to imagine yourself as the engineer of a working 350-ton locomotive in our authentic train factory where you can learn about the science and technology of trains. Clear away the steam and discover a little bit about The Train Factory.

Engineers Needed. This is the experimental test run for the new engine in the Baldwin 60000 and we need your help to get it rolling.

Investigators Needed. There's been a train wreck and we desperately need your help to investigate the wreckage.

About The Exhibit

The Massive Baldwin 60000 Locomotive is Blowing Its Steam and is Ready to Rumble through Philadelphia Once Again. We Want You at the Controls.
We would like to officially welcome you to The Train Factory, the new home of the Baldwin 60000 locomotive. This family experience will transport you into an authentic, active, train factory.
Feel the heat of the steam, hear the sounds of the machines, see what it takes to be an engineer, discover how to investigate the scene of an accident. Throughout the exhibit, you will experience the power of the locomotive, from the inside out. Discover how modern locomotives use diesel, electricity, and magnetic levitation to travel longer distances at greater speeds than ever before.