sports challenge

Whether you like soccer, figure skating, auto racing, or good old baseball, there is something for everyone at The Sports Challenge, where we will explain the 'Challenge' approach of needing to use science to increase your proficiency at different sport activities.

While you're here, jump to the Activities page and get geared up for the challenges that are waiting for you.

As you enter the 5,500 square foot sports stadium, complete with Astroturf, our very own blimp, and an oversized jumbotron screen, you will immediately be transformed into a star athlete as you prepare to face the many challenging activities that await you.

As you may or may not know, being a talented athlete is only part of the secret to success, a lot of hard work is also required, not to mention a little help from understanding science. As you test your athletic prowess throughout the state-of-the-art sports challenges, you will also be learning about the physics, physiology, and material science that is a major part of all your favorite sports. Once you understand the role science plays in your favorite sports, you can be on your way to becoming a better athlete.

The Sports Challenge delivers to you the adrenaline of being an athlete with highly interactive devices and virtual reality experiences that simultaneously thrill you and educate you on the role science plays in sports. There are activities to encourage the athlete in everyone. You can even compare your shoe to a size 22 sneaker belonging to Shaquille O'Neal, or see if you can squeeze into Tara Lipinski's skating costume.

Visit our Activities section to see the opportunities you will have to test yourself in ways you may never have before. The Sports Challenge is a permanent exhibit located in the 3rd floor science center.

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