While you travel through the magical Island of the Elements and meet Lucian, Captain Gale, Atlanta, and Terra, you will encounter many mystical activities along the way... and remember, Lord Chaos is always lurking nearby.

Lucian is the Master of Light and the lighthouse keeper on the Island of the Elements. As you learn what Lucian knows about the power of light, you will explore many wondrous things:

Mirror Maze
In a room, surrounded by mirrors, attempt to navigate your way through the maze and not be fooled by the endless images of yourself. When you reach the lighthouse, you will discover how to alter and bend light by experimenting with a corner mirror, a one-way mirror, and a Fresnel lens.

Watch yourself change into all sorts of funny shapes and sizes as you witness how your own image changes when you manipulate a mirror's curves and bend light rays.

Laser Maze
As you enter this laser filled tunnel, you will need to nimbly navigate your way through a maze of lasers. Be careful not to break any of the beams as the laser patterns bounce off the mirrored walls that surround you.

Shadow Puzzle
Arrange the pieces of the puzzle together until they become one picture. Slide images into grooves at increasing distances from a light source and watch their projection on a screen. You can change the size of the images by varying their position.

>Colored Shadows
Get your groove on because it's time to dance, baby! Dance in front of colored lights and change the color of your shadow, all the while learning how shadows are created.

Atlanta is the Master of Water and the river keeper who lives besides the water wheel on the Island of the Elements. As you learn to control the power of water as Atlanta does, you will discover many things:

Water Wheel
Be a master of water as you use a sluice to direct the flow of water from a waterfall onto a waterwheel. As you control the passage of water, look at the murals on the walls that illustrate how water performs the work of a stone mill.

Make a Fountain
Use PVC piping to design and create your own unique fountains, and you will even get to watch your own special fountain in action.

Channels and Dams
You need to get your boat down the river. Create a channel of water that will help you get your boat downstream. Change the size and shape of your channels to increase the water flow and get your boat downstream as fast as you possibly can.

Floaters and Sinkers
Do you think a feather floats or sinks? What about a rock? Experiment with objects and materials and discover which ones float and which ones sink. Figure how much weight our cargo boats can carry before they sink.

Terra is the Master of Earth and the cave keeper on the Island of the Elements who knows all about materials. As you learn to master the power of the earth like Terra, you will unearth many discoveries:

Pattern Game
You know the image you want to create, but you have to figure out how to create it. Move blocks in a puzzle to create a pattern and discover how to manipulate the pieces of the puzzle to create the desired image.

Magnet Wall
How do those magnets on your refrigerator stay put? Learn the properties of magnets and understand how they work by testing which objects stick to a magnet wall and which objects fall down.

Age Rings
Discover the age of living things by counting the number of their rings. Count tree rings and see how the lines tell the age and experience of living things.

Architect and Apprentice
Get out your hardhats, it's time to build. Use various materials to build structures, then describe them in detail so someone on the other side of the wall can build the same structure.

Mechanics Maze
You've got to keep on rolling. As balls roll through a complex obstacle course, use various tools to solve problems and keep the balls rolling along.

Captain Gale is the Master of Air and the captain of the S.S. Franklin. As you learn to be the keeper of air on the Island of the Elements, you will be blown away by amazing discoveries:

Fog Horns
Sound the horns! Push air through pipes of different lengths and listen to the different fog horn sounds you make. Compare the pipes to hear which pipe lengths make certain sounds.

Bubble Tubes
You'll be an expert bubble-blower after you have experienced the bubble tubes. Watch air rise through liquid and pop to the surface as you make large and small bubbles.

Air Jack
Make your friends fly, sort of, as you witness and measure the force of air pressure as you use air to lift a friend off the ground.

Tangled Tubes
Uncover the mystery of air as it moves a foam ball through a tangle of clear plastic tubes. If you think you're becoming an expert on air, predict where the ball will exit and try to catch it as it leaves the tube.

Sail Boats
Learn to navigate the seas just like a sailor. Discover how the angle of a boat's sail will catch the wind to move the sailboat in different directions. As the sailboat floats on the surface of a table and is lifted by air jets, you can steer the boat by adjusting the sail.