Explore the Island of the Elements. Join the elite Power Keepers. Defeat the evil Lord Chaos. Your mission is to save the planet in the name of science while having a great time.

Welcome to KidScience, the storybook attraction that takes children ages 5-8 on a journey across The Island of the Elements.

Travel through the magical Island of the Elements and meet Lucian, Atlanta, Terra, Captain Gale, and the evil Lord Chaos.

Teachers and parents, this story has a happy ending, because along the way, as the children laugh and play, you'll know the little ones are learning about science.

About The Exhibit

Once upon a time, parents and teachers had to search high and low to find the best way to teach their youngest children about the basic principles of science. Then, from the darkness, emerged KidScience The Island of the Elements.

A permanent exhibit and a Franklin Institute original, KidScience takes children ages 5-8 through a fictional story where they will uncover the foundations of science pertaining to Light, Water, Earth, and Air.

On their journey across The Island of The Elements, the children will meet the Power Keepers: Lucian (Master of Light), Atlanta (Master of Water), Terra (Master of Earth), and Captain Gale (Master of Air). Their arch-nemesis, Lord Chaos, is determined to destroy nature's order and balance. To save the planet, the children must learn and perform the jobs of the Power Keepers in a quest to stop Lord Chaos and keep the island in balance with nature.
The 6,000 square-foot exhibit features a two-story lighthouse, a sailboat with a billowing sail, a walk-through cave, and lots of water. More that 20 interactive components exist within the exhibit, illustrating the scientific principles of sound, movement, geology, and reflection.
The Power Keepers characters in The Island of the Elements were developed and sketched by famed children's artist Mary GrandPrè, while her husband, Tom Casmer, painted the characters. GrandPrè is best known for her work illustrating the Harry Potter series.
PLEASE NOTE: To preserve the unique experience of this exhibit, developed specifically for younger children, we cannot admit older children unless they are attending with younger siblings.