Enter a world of artistic experimentation! Sir Isaac's Loft is located on the third floor of the museum. The exhibit blends art and science into a 3,600 square feet display of aesthetic innovation.
The exhibit space resembles an art gallery, which showcases the work of imaginary artists, each with their own unique personality and style. Sir Isaac's Loft features "clusters" that demonstrate scientific concepts through various experiments.
In "Combining Motions," visitors discover how the merging of simple motions results in complex and beautiful patterns. Create your own glow-in-the-dark circular designs with the Light Spiro-graph, and put your strength to the test with the return of The Giant Lever. Visitors can sit in a stationary chair and lift themselves by using a series of pulleys. There is also a six-foot movie screen that shows a physics feature called "The Way Things Go."
Sir Isaac's Loft also includes:

  • A cluster called "Energy Transfer" that highlights the movement of energy from one object to another with the Giant Newton's Cradle and Ball Launcher.

  • In "Changing the Light," visitors watch water freeze right before their eyes and learn about the polarization of light as it travels through ice.

  • Visitors may get quite a scare from the "Bowling Ball of Doom." Because of energy loss due to friction and air resistance, a free-swinging bowling ball comes within inches of the visitor's face. A video camera inside the ball captures visitors' facial expressions.

  • In the "Combining Motions" section, visitors see how complicated things can get when you combine two or more simple motions.  Each of the Flyers comprises a simple pendulum but because motions combine, the result is a chaotic trapeze act.